Thought for Food™

And what it means for your business

Is tamarind the flavor of the year?
Tamarind: The Exotic Fruit with Exciting Potential

This month, we are pressure-testing a prediction for tamarind as “flavor of the year.” Learn more about this versatile, exotic fruit — including how it’s been “covered” within the industry, what new launches we see, and how our Culinary Specialist recommends using it.

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15 food + beverage podcasts you should be listening to
Podcast Picks and Best Practices

Podcasts are no longer niche. Most adults are listening weekly. In our industry, brands from Trader Joe’s to Crumbl Cookie are getting in on it. This month, we’ll be sharing not only the food, beverage, and restaurant podcasts on our radar, but best practices from our experience in podcast development.

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Captivating examples of food-based expression
Expressions of Culture Via Food & Beverage

Attending restaurant pop-ups, posting pictures of what we create or consume, taking on taste challenges, binge watching “Taste the Nation”…all are common ways current culture is expressing itself through food and beverage. This month, we searched far and wide for more disruptive examples.

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5 minute course on Gen Z
Gen Z: Figuring Them Out and Luring Them In

Interest in targeting Gen Z has grown as our “former darling” millennials age. Beyond their obvious youth and workplace stereotype, who are they, what do you need to know about them as food and beverage marketers, and how can you understand them better in 5 minutes or less?

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As tech flourishes, will your brand stay human?
Breathing Life into The Ghost in The Machine

While technology continues to take us “out of this world,” there’s amazing work being done to bring it back down to earth. Just as we build brands to be relatable to humans, so are robots, and virtual humans being built with characteristics so lifelike, that in time, they will be our mirror image.

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illustration of the word Unplug with an unplugged cord dangling below
Challenge for 2024:
A Balanced Digital Life

As we head into the New Year, we challenge brands to not only be more mindful – but to actively encourage and support the consumer need to unplug from devices and social. Doing so may require new thinking in relation to content, platforms, and brand experiences.

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