Why You Should Experiment with Savory Flavors in 2021

After a sweets-filled 2020, with sales increases in candy,[1] sweet baked goods,[2] and ice cream[3] as well as an explosion in home baking,[4] it surprised and delighted us to see so many signs pointing to savory in 2021 and beyond.

Savory, most often aligned with the nearly indescribable meaty taste of “umami”, is defined as “having a spicy or salty quality without sweetness”.[5] A hankering for savory, or umami, is inherent. When receptors in the taste cells of the tongue pick it up,[6] the body is satisfied in a sense, because “umami is the taste of protein” and signifies the presence of amino acids, something it intuitively welcomes as good for the body to consume.[7]

The anticipated growth in savory options is driven by several factors: the increased use of plant proteins, adventurous palates,[8] a global obsession with fermentation (which enhances the umami flavor profile),[9] the sugar reduction trend,[10] and the culinary practice of producing unexpected pairings that counterbalance or dramatically subdue sweetness. We see the following examples in the marketplace:

A bowl of black sesame ice cream


  • Savory oatmeal recipes, e.g., Oatmeal With Bacon, Cheese and Jalapeños[11]
  • A 3% increase in savory snack claims plus anticipated growth in snacks with global flavors[12]
  • Savory snack bars leveraging ancient grains[13]
  • Black sesame ice creams and lattes[14]
  • A rise in “hot honey recipe” searches[15]
  • The 2019 proclamation that “Fish Sauce Caramel Is the New Salted Caramel”[16]
  • The “emerging flavor combination poised to gain traction in the years ahead: sweet and umami”[17]
  • An anticipated “deep dive into umami” amongst chefs[18]
A glass of orange juice accompanied by ginger and powdered turmeric


  • Juice shots, with “many offering more savory combinations like turmeric and ginger”.[19]
  • Cocktails involving mushroom-infused whiskey, beef stock, and lamb-fat washed brandy[20]
  • A resurgence of Cynar, an artichoke-forward digestif[21]
  • A proposed Strega-flavored kombucha concept – where the popular fermented beverage is infused with an Italian herbal liqueur[22]
  • The “Poochie Colada”, a kale, broccoli and coconut water concoction designed for dogs at London bar, Smith & Whistle[23]


  • Copaiba, an essential oil (akin to CBD oil), with an “earthy, woodsy flavor”[24]

Based on the above, we find savory a territory ripe for experimentation and encourage you to leverage it via innovative pairings (especially savory plus sweet), global flavor expansion, kicking up the herbs, spices and heat, and riding the fermentation wave.

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