12 Times Food Became Art

We’re doing something a little different this month. In honor of International Artist Day on October 25th, we’re showcasing art inspired by or made from… food.

Thanks to imaginative chefs, social media, and televised competitions, most of us have been exposed to cooking and baking that rises to the level of “art form.” Today, we ogle “food porn,” and marvel at the masterpieces created on programs like Top Chef and The Great British Baking Show. In these instances, color, structure, presentation, creativity, and skill are akin to something you’d experience in a gallery or museum. Here, food masters demonstrate their artistic flair. But what does it look like when artists demonstrate their vision for food?

We invite you to stroll through our “clickable” interactive gallery and take in 12 of our favorite examples:

Magic Milk

A beautiful science experiment with milk

Art Museum Dinner

Gallery dining on food inspired by Japanese art

Stranger Things en Chocolat

Demogorgon chocolate sculpture

Cutlery Creatures

Upcycled utensil animal sculptures

Wrapped Chocolate Wall

An edible art installation

Jane Austen Biscuits

Elaborate cookie decorating

Produce Sculpture

Fruit and vegetable creations

Ice Cream Art

Melted ice cream steps in for paint

Cooking With LACMA

Art-inspired recipes

Avocado Dragon

Meticulously carved fruit

Shokuhin Sampuru

Life-sized food models used in displays

Draw Ketchup

A.I.-generated “art” based on word prompts

In summary, we believe art is another opportunity for brand expression – a new way to provoke thought, conversation, and awe – and we challenge you to create museum-worthy moments that have the potential to shake up campaigns, content calendars and events.

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