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Is air the trend of today?
The Food Trend That Keeps on Giving: Air

Air is increasingly connected to how we eat, cook and shop. It’s become an ingredient, a method of preparation, a ritual in dieting, a restaurant experience and a growing consideration in sustainability practices and claims.

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Augmenting Reality illustration
Engaging Buyers Using Augmented Reality

Businesses in the food and beverage industry are employing augmented reality (AR) to bring elements of their brand to life for consumers. From retail to restaurants, creative uses of this tool continue to emerge.

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AI in food & beverage
How AI is Advancing Food & Beverage

CPG, retail, and restaurant companies alike are utilizing AI to gain a competitive edge. It’s quickly becoming a valuable tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry to boost customer relationship management, drive product development, forecast performance, and more.

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How to brand with audio
How to Brand With Audio

When it comes to storytelling, the one thing audio can do that visual mediums can’t is: give the eyes a rest. With screen-time at a fever pitch, digital audio can be a welcome, engaging, and memorable solution. Podcasts, social audio, and sonic logos are just a few intriguing elements of this digital listening space.

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How to prepare for livestream shopping
Shopping Goes Live

Explore the idea behind livestream shopping and why we will start to see more of it: this is not your mother’s QVC.

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Return of the automat
Return of the Automat

Instead of adapting the current restaurant model, what if we created an entirely new model? Time travel to a restaurant concept of the past AND the future.

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