Expressions of Culture Via Food & Beverage

Last year’s much-lauded fashion exhibit at The Museum at FIT explored the pervasive use of food motifs across apparel and accessories,1 and was reported on by everyone from CNN,2 to Forbes,3 to Food & Wine,4 and Delish.5

Last year also saw “Tomato Girl Summer,” TikTok content devoted to a particular sun-kissed aesthetic, frequently involving sundresses, and warm earth tones – especially soft reds.6

Back in 2022, we covered food-branded apparel in our January edition (e.g., Twix Cookies and Crème sneakers).

The above are a handful of ways food is being linked to self-expression, in this case, through fashion.

That made us hungry for more.

We’ve resurrected our interactive gallery for this issue, to bring you six examples of current culture expressing itself through food and beverage, without cooking. Simply click on the tiles below to learn more:

We hope this helps you imagine new possibilities for creating a movement behind your brand.

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Image Credits
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Pizza Jewelry: Kate Spade
The Erewhon Haul: YouTube

Barbaras Rhabarberbar: YouTube
Food Waste Shoes: Thousand Fell
Cocktail-Inspired Makeup: Pinterest