Podcast Picks and Best Practices

Depending on the source, there are an estimated 3-5 million podcasts available across the globe. For 2024, analysts encourage us to stop thinking about podcasts as “a niche medium,” citing significant U.S. listenership growth since 2006, as well as most adults claiming not only to listen,1 but listen “very frequently” (e.g., weekly).2

Though we don’t have an estimate on the total number of food or drink podcasts available, we do have the top 15 we are either currently listening to or have in our queue:

JT Mega’s Top 15 Podcasts

Food or Cooking PodcastsDrink or Cocktail Podcasts  Restaurant Podcasts  
The Food ChainGood Beer HuntingSmart Pizza
GastropodDrink Champs PodcastThe Dave Chang Show
Radio Cherry BombeCocktail CollegeRestaurant Rockstars Podcast
Be My Guest with Ina GartenVinePair PodcastAndrew Talks to Chefs
The SporkfulThe SpeakeasyChefs Without Restaurants

What excites us about industry podcasts such as these is the alternative it provides for long-form storytelling; removing the confines of reading or viewing, a welcome respite in today’s culture.

These days we see more of our food and beverage peers on the bandwagon, from retailers (“Inside Trader Joe’s”) to brands (Crumbl Cookie’s “Crumbl Mumbl”).3 What was once an experiment has now become a bona fide medium.

Our own experience developing podcasts has grown with industry demand. This month, we tapped into our resident experts for their thoughts on best practices:

Getting Started

Senior Creative Producer Amie Hylton maintains that “detailed pre-work is the first step in successful podcast creation.” We advise you to:

  • Create a list of not just topics, but interesting, relevant topics. What content will hold a listener’s attention?
  • Determine (and vet) potential guests. Who will be of value to the listener? Who can speak with authority, actively engage with the host AND be comfortable in front of a microphone?

Recording Session

  • Focus on thought leadership and authenticity, with a goal to inspire and educate, not sell. Senior Copywriter Tom Witkowski advises brands to “limit brand and product mentions, resisting the urge to turn a podcast into a 40-minute commercial.”
  • Empower your team to manage the conversation in real-time. This is a great opportunity to tap into a professional Copywriter or Art Director.


  • Lean on your team to edit, and polish the story, leveraging “all of the tastiest bits of the interview.” Your team is dedicated to producing a thoughtful and concise episode that delivers content efficiently and connects with listeners.
  • Promote your podcast. Leverage your social platforms and brand website to help spread the word. But “don’t neglect opportunities to promote through your host or guests,” says Senior Account Executive Chloe Lewis, “they may be active in their own social outlets and have an audience.”
  • Give yourself grace. Creative Director Pete Bakanowski reminds us that “it takes time to build not only a quality product, but a following.”

Consider the above just a teaser. For the intricate details and a consultation tailored to your needs, reach out to engage us! 

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