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AI in food & beverage
How AI is Advancing Food & Beverage

CPG, retail, and restaurant companies alike are utilizing AI to gain a competitive edge. It’s quickly becoming a valuable tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry to boost customer relationship management, drive product development, forecast performance, and more.

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Simple Hacks for Social Media Success
6 Simple Hacks for More Social Media Success

Supporting your brand on social media. You know you need to do it, but figuring out what to post and when can be overwhelming. To help, here are 6 ways to take your social posts to the next level.

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How to brand with audio
How to Brand With Audio

When it comes to storytelling, the one thing audio can do that visual mediums can’t is: give the eyes a rest. With screen-time at a fever pitch, digital audio can be a welcome, engaging, and memorable solution. Podcasts, social audio, and sonic logos are just a few intriguing elements of this digital listening space.

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When will foodservice get back to normal?
Clear As Mud

Struggling with what to expect in foodservice? Here’s our take on what foodservice might look like in the future, broken down by segment.

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What do your brand colors say about your company?
The Language of Color

Color can influence up to 90% of a first impression, and is one of several devices used to convey brand personality and uniqueness.

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Staying Prepared

COVID-19, shopper decline & reduced offerings have resulted in unimaginable losses for retail foodservice growth. How can we reverse these trends?

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